Shopper Left On Crutches After Bargain Hunting Goes Wrong

A shopper has been left on crutches after their bargain hunting goes wrong

This seems to be happening more and more often

We all love a bargain, however its seems some people lose their manners when it comes to bargain hunting. A very small minority of shoppers push and shove when it comes to grabbing a reduced item – the staff and fellow shoppers are left paying the price for this.

I have posted in the passed about staff who have been injured because of eager shoppers, I have heard that Boots 70% off sale that launched yesterday was hectic instore with a few shoppers pushing and shoving to make sure they got what they wanted, however, it’s this story that is grabbing the headlines this morning.

A Tesco shopper has been left on crutches after he was crushed against a fridge by fellow shoppers trying to get their hands on discounted deli meat.

Oliver Sanders, 31, heard his knee “crunch” and felt a searing pain, he had to go to hospital where doctors told him he had torn a ligament.

Oliver said he was among a crowd of more than a dozen people waiting by the hot meat counter before staff brought out reduced stock shortly before the store closed. I had my hands in a box when I was pushed up against the fridge cabinet. When they put the items in the fridges that’s when everyone goes nuts. It happened so quickly I probably had about three or four items in my hands but I wasn’t going for anything in particular. I heard my knee crunch and then I had to pull myself up to get out of the scrum. At first the pain was intense. I paid for my shopping and went straight to hospital. The doctors told me they think I’ve torn my ligament. I’ve bought a knee support and have been resting at home.

Oliver has now contacted Tesco to ask them to change their policy. He is a free lance builder and has so far cost him 2 days at work.

A Tesco spokesman said: “Colleagues at our New Malden store always stagger the introduction of reduced to clear items in order to minimise any disruption.

“They also make sure extra colleagues are on hand to oversee particularly busy times.”

Have you experienced anything like this? Are you a supermarket worker who see’s this on a regular basis? Let me know what you think in the comments…

Story from The Sun

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