Should parents be ‘modest’ about what we say is from Santa?

Should parents be ‘modest’ about what we say is from Santa?

You may have noticed the post that has gone viral which states:

‘Just a reminder to all you parents out there to be modest with your gifts from “Santa”. Not all parents have a ton of cash to spend on making their kids Christmas special, so it doesn’t make sense to have Santa give your kid a PlayStation4, a bike, and an iPad, while his best friend at school gets a new hat and mittens from Santa. You know? Give something small from Santa and make the more expensive presents from you. You can explain the value of money to kids, but you can’t explain Santa’s discrimination to a heartbroken kid. Keep that in mind this year and always……’

This caused a HUGE divide in opinion when I posted it on my page earlier. Half of my followers completely agree with the statement, whilst the other half seem to be outraged that people are trying to ‘ruin the spirit of Christmas’ and feel that it is wrong to admit to young children Santa doesn’t provide all of the gifts.

I can honestly relate to both ends of the spectrum with this one, but I’d LOVE you all to join my poll on this topic.

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