Should there be a law against throwing unspoiled food away?

Should there be a law against throwing unspoiled food away?

There has been a big breakthrough in the food waste issue in France as they are introducing a law which bans supermarkets from throwing away or spoiling unsold food.

The stores will be made to either donate unsold food to charities, or donate it to food banks.

I think this is a great idea, but should the UK be following suit? 

The law in France will apply to any supermarket with a footprint of 400 square metres or larger and I think the big motivation for the stores to obide by the law is the 3750 Euro fine they could be faced with if they fail to donate the food.

The French Government are now hoping to get the new law EU-wide which will be so much more beneficial to charities and those in need of food.

The deal would mean much better quality and diversity of food given to the charities to distribute, and also much better in terms of nutrituonal balance.

As it stands, Britain is known to waste more food than any other country in Britain. 22 million tonnes of food is wasted in the European Union each year and 80% of this is avoidable.

This could be a great breakthrough if other countries agree to the new laws, but what do you think? Should the UK take it upon itself to do more about the food waste problem?

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