Should single mothers be entitled to a break?

Should single mothers be entitled to a break?

Personally, I see no problem with it but one mum disagrees…

We all need a break once in a while. Usually once every month or two, my husband and I will pack the kids off to Grandma & Grandad’s house so we can have a date night – we will probably spend half of the night talking about the kids but it is still nice just to relax, wind down and have a few hours to yourself. Everyone should have that right to a few hours but that is just my opinion and some may not agree.

Paula Winchester, from Staffordshire disagrees though.

Single mum of one daughter, Paula doesn’t think single parents should be heading out at weekends and leaving their children.

Paula hasn’t been on a night out for over than two years and has discribed single parents who do are ‘disgraceful, half-hearted parenting’.

Even when her daughter stays over at her dads house, Paula doesn’t go out drinking as she doesn’t want to be hungover and look after her daughter the next day – fair enough but that doesn’t mean you have to get drunk when you go out surely? I haven’t had a drop of alcohol in 2016 if I’m honest! The Ashleigh Money Saver Christmas party was the last time I had a drink (Ok, a VERY good drink but that is a whole different story haha!)

Paula’s main worry is parents aren’t in any fit state to cook their children proper meals or take them on a day out the following day if they have been clubbing the night before.

Paula said: “When parents are hungover, it’s self-inflicted and they lie on the sofa, putting DVD after DVD on, not cooking properly. It’s half-hearted parenting and I think it’s disgraceful. Everyone has different views on parenting but I really don’t think single parents do deserve a night off. I think when parents do drink a lot, it has a real impact on children. It’s not good for their behaviour as they need a routine. Children need regular bedtimes, set meals and to know what their boundaries are. But when people are hungover they let their children do what they want. Their discipline isn’t as strong and it makes children confused. It’s irresponsible.”

So what do you think about this? Do you agree with Paula or do you think we should all be entitled to break?

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  1. This lady is obviously entitled to her view but I have to say even when i’m hungover, my first and foremost thought is that my children are taken care of. Their every need is met and they are happy, well fed and entertained. If we didn’t have a night off (drinking or not) we would all end up quite stressed. Your brain and body both need time to unwind and however you choose to do that is your choice.

  2. First off, why does this lady assume that if you go out for a night that you automatically are going to drink so much you are going to have a hell of a hangover the next day. Im a single parent and very rarely go out, but a couple times a year my friends and I organise a nice meal out without kids. We have a break, have adult conversation, relax with good food and a few drinks. How is it bad parenting to relax for one evening so that you aren’t as stressed out an possibly shout less at your kids cause you aren’t as wound up.

  3. This tells me more about the mindset of this particular lady than single parents should get a break or not! When I go out I don’t even necessarily drink, but think everybody deserves a rest/break once in a while.

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