Size zero mannequin removed after causing online outrage!

Size zero mannequin removed after causing online outrage!

New Look has been under fire this week and if you’ve seen the photograph that’s been circulating the internet then I’m sure you’ll understand why.

The New Look shop in Tunbridge Wells has been forced to remove a mannequin after causing outrage because of it’s unrealistic size zero waist, and if you have a look at the photo, I’m sure you’ll agree with that decision!

A shopper, who was clearly pretty disgusted with the inappropriately shaped mannequin, uploaded the photograph to Facebook and has triggered an online protest with critics claiming that the store has presented an ‘unhealthy’ and ‘unrealistic’ body image for young girls!


Marg Oaten, of Seed Eating Disorders Support Services told ITV News: I thought this mannequin was hideous when I saw it. These retailers need a reality check about what they are portraying. It is a harmful body image. It can destroy people.”

New Look couldn’t ignore the negative backlash they were receiving from customers on their Facebook page and eventually responded with this post:

‘We appreciate you bringing this feedback to our attention today.

It will enable us to resolve this as quickly as possible. We hear and understand your concerns and I’m pleased to tell you that the decision has been made to remove the mannequin from display at the Tunbridge Wells store at Longfield Road with immediate effect.

We are also going to start an investigation to ensure this style of mannequin isn’t used in any other stores or is removed as appropriate.

At New Look we would never want to encourage women to aim for an unhealthy or unattainable image or life style. The issues raised today will be treated with high priority in order to prevent any further distress.’ 

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