Skinny Jeans Health Warning Issued!

Skinny Jeans Health Warning Issued!

Yes you read that right! There has indeed been a safety warning issued after a 35-year-old woman collapsed and spent four days in hospital after wearing skinny jeans for several hours!

Experts have now warned that wearing skinny jeans could be a health hazard and are especially warning against squatting whilst wearing the tight fitted trousers as it is strongly linked to muscle and nerve fibre damage in the legs.


The revelation comes as doctors have submitted a report being described as ‘the most serious incident on record’. 

The ITV news report says: ‘The 35-year-old woman had been helping a relative move house and had spent a number of hours squatting or kneeling as she emptied cupboards. The case study, published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry, said she described the jeans as getting increasingly tight and uncomfortable throughout the day.Then, later that evening, she had numbness in her feet which caused her to trip and fall.’


So the conclusion was finally made that the combination of squatting for a long time, and the tight jeans had both contributed to the compression of the woman’s muscles and nerve fibres. It is thought that the woman’s fashion choice aided in the onset of compartment syndrome which consists of reduced blood supply to the legs causing swelling and compression of adjacent nerves.

Although this condition could be very serious, it is also extremely rare. So if you’re a lover of the skinny jean trend, don’t throw them in the bin just yet! As long as you’re not doing any strenuous exercise in them then you should be fine. However, It’s always good to be aware of the dangers.

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