Believe It Or Not, All Skittles Actually Taste The Same

Yeah, we can’t believe this Skittles news either.

Ask any Skittles lover and they’ll tell you, of course the red tastes different to the yellow. The green certainly tastes nothing like the purple! But nope, apparently they all have exactly the same taste – and there’s science to back it up.

According to a report in the BioMed Central called The Psychological Impact of Food Colour, our brain tricks us into thinking foods with different colours have different tastes.

The report explained that our taste perception is altered by what we can physically see. So, what we think we can ‘taste’ is really a psychological thing, rather than all down to our tastebuds.

What do you think? Do you believe all Skittles taste the same, or are you still convinced they each taste different? You’re certainly ‘tasting the rainbow’, that’s for sure.

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