Sky box set offer for new and existing customers

Sky box set offer for new and existing customers

I am a HUGE box set fan so I will be taking advantage of this!

I very rarely watch live TV, I’m not a fan of soaps and I am much more at home with a good box set (other than Casualty, I love that show!)

Right now Sky are offering their new and existing customers a fantastic deal.

If you’re new to Sky you can get Sky box sets for only £3 for 12 month.

If you’re an existing customer then you can get Sky box sets for £3 for 3 month.

This should cost you £6 a month so it is a great way to try it before you decide if you want to purchase it for good.

What you get;

  • Over 350 box sets to choose from
  • Over 50 entertainment channels in HD
  • Sky 3d if you have a 3D enabled TV
  • Catch Up TV so you never miss your favourite show again

There are some fantastic box sets for you to choose from but if you need some inspiration here are some of my favourites.

The Walking Dead – The walking dead starts with Rick, a policeman who gets shot in the line of duty, when he awakes from his coma he finds the world has been taken over by zombies. Zombies were never my thing, and still aren’t, however this box set is amazing and a must watch!

The Following – This is UNREAL! The amount of twists in the first series does actually have you on the edge of your seat and shouting at the TV! FBI agent, Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon), has to try and capture serial killer Joe Carroll but it is a lot more difficult thank it seems.

Blacklist – When ‘Reddington’, a high profile criminal, voluntarily turns himself in to the FBI they wonder what the reason is behind this. He is only willing to work with one agent and he helps bring criminals down from around the world – but why will he only work with this one agent? Ahhh watch it and find out!

Breaking Bad – I think everyone in the world has seen this now haven’t they? If not, you’re missing out! Chemistry teacher, Walter White, finds out he has stage 3 cancer so he begins manufacturing and selling methamphetamine with one of his former students to provide for his family once he is gone.

Prison Break – When one brother is on death row for a crime he didn’t commit, the other brother gets himself banged up to help his brother escape prison. This is a must watch, season 5 comes soon so try and catch up before that hits our screens.

Finding Carter – When Carter is arrested with a group of friends she discovers her whole life has been a lie as she was kidnapped when she was younger and her kidnapper has been raising her. Can Carter adjust to her new life and is there more to the story?

If you’re interested in this deal, click here for more information and to sign up.

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