Slash costs when hiring a holiday car

Slash costs when hiring a holiday car

With the holiday season in full swing, many of us will be jetting off to foreign climes and hiring a car once we get there to explore the destination. Money matters when you’re on holiday, as expenses can easily mount up, but there are lots of ways you can slash outgoings without compromising your holiday experience. Here are some money saving tips if you decide to hire a car on your overseas travels.

Shop around

Always make a price comparison and shop around before booking your car hire, as costs can vary enormously. Don’t just consider big-name chains, look at smaller rental firms and off-airport rentals, too. Generally, if you book in advance you stand a better chance of securing a good deal. Make sure you know what all the charges will be.

Do diesel

Apart from the UK and USA, it’s generally cheaper to buy diesel than petrol, so consider opting for a diesel hire car on your travels. This is especially relevant if you intend to do a lot of mileage on your holiday.

Bring your own booster seats

Rental car firms often charge eye-watering fees for the hire of child booster seats, in some cases bumping up the costs of the hire car by a third. If you are travelling with youngsters, bring your own seats instead. You can buy foldable seats that convert into backpacks, which can easily be stored as hand luggage on the plane.

Don’t hire a Satnav

Car firms inflate the costs of hiring a Satnav, so consider bringing your own to save money. Alternatively, stick to using a traditional map.

Fuel policy

Look for hire firms that offer a policy where you receive a full tank of petrol on pick up and you return it full. Never buy fuel from a car rental company as prices are astronomical.

Car rental firms often charge exorbitant amounts for excess waiver insurance. Avoid getting ripped off and instead take out a separate policy before you travel, which is invariably much cheaper. Check to see if your existing car insurance covers you for any aspects.

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