Could This £10 Plant From ASDA Be Key To A Good Night’s Sleep?

This £10 plant may hold the key to a good night’s sleep- and that’s according to NASA.

Anyone who has slept next to a snorer knows the true struggle of sleep.

You’re just getting cozy and beginning to nod off when suddenly it sounds like there is a walrus with a laser gun in the room.



                                                                                                 pew pew pew pew


                                                                                                                       pew pew pew pew


You get the idea.

Whether you’re the snorer or the partner of someone who snores, a good night’s sleep could be just around the corner.

This adorable pineapple tree has been proven in NASA studies to improve oxygen circulation, helping reduce the causes of snoring.

As well as the added health benefits of a good night’s sleep, this lovely pineapple plant adds a little bit of pizzazz to your interior decorating.

The pineapple plant is available in most large ASDA stores and is a much cheaper solution than expensive pillows, hypnotherapy, or nasal strips.

At £10, this lovely little plant is a great bargain even without the added benefits of improving sleep.

The plant could be used as a focal point or just to add a touch of colour and brightness to your decor- without forking out for a full redecorate.

The plant can even happily live outside during the summer, and needs very little plant food.

All in all, this plant is an absolute bargain.

If it saves the snores we’ll consider that a bonus!

Grab this fab little superplant here and start your deep sleep nights now.

Have you suffered with late night noises keeping you awake? Will you be trying the pineapple plant solution? Let us know in the comments.






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