My Slimming World journey

My Slimming World journey

I am hoping sharing my journey will keep me on track…

So! I am finally doing it. I am the kind of person who complains I’m fat but does absolutely nothing about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not hung up too much about my weight. I believe if you’re happy then that’s all that matters in life but because I do a lot of TV work I HATE watching myself back. I am always quite surprised at how big I am/look.

I also have a heart problem and nerve problems in my foot, they aren’t weight related but I’m sure my weight won’t be helping so not only am I doing this for how I look and feel, I’m doing it for my health too.

I posted on my Facebook page last week asking your opinion on diets. Is Slimming World or Weight Watchers better? I didn’t want to use any ‘quick fix’ pills or drinks because I have worked in pharmacy for a number of years and know that they don’t really work or once you’re done you pile all the weight back on. I needed something that educated me.

The majority of you said Slimming World was the way to go and sent me LOADS of inspiring before & after photos of your own journey. I didn’t have time to reply to every comment but I did read them all so a huge thank you, you guys have done and are doing so well. The change in some of your photos was amazing!

So tonight I start Slimming World – 27th July 2016.

I am really excited to get started but a little nervous for the first meeting.

I think if I share my journey with you it will keep me on track and help me lose those extra pounds each week as I know I’ll be sharing my weight loss.

I would love us all to keep in-touch and share how well we are doing so please feel free to comment.

So until next week…

START WEIGHT (yikes) – 17 stone 7lb

Week 1

So I have been doing Slimming World for 7 days now.

I think some of the meals I have tried so far have been a bit hit and miss as I don’t like a wide variety of salad or veg so I’m trying to mix as much in with my food as possible. I’m doing good with fruit though – all my biscuits and crisps have been swapped for apples, bananas or grapes.

The banana and custard muller lights that you’re allowed to eat are absolutely amazing and I have found some really delicious meals that don’t feel like ‘diet food’.

I did have a bit of a wobble during my first week. I was finding it extremely difficult because the family didn’t want to eat what I was eating (such fussy eaters) so I would be making a meal for the husband and kids then doing my own. It was so time consuming so after such a busy day on Wednesday I ordered a Dominos for us. Very naughty but I was feeling so fed up and couldn’t be bothered to spend an hour cooking different meals.

Anyway, I had my first weigh in last night…

I lost 2 1/2 lb – I am pleased I lost but I can’t help feeling a little disappointed thinking I may have lost more if I hadn’t demolished a Dominos through the week. Anyway, it’s definitely a start and I’m heading in the right direction.

Until next week…

Ashleigh x

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  1. I’m on week 29 at slimming world and started at 17stone 4 I’m now 13 stone 1.5 losing a total of 4 stone 2.5 and that’s with a holiday within those weeks too. Slimming world is great and so easy to follow.

  2. Well done Ashley, Fruit is great try some berry fruits with the muller light yogharts the berries are are more of a speed food than bananas and grapes as they are just free foods ie strawberries blackberries blackcurrants redcurrants you can buy frozen berries and just take them out when you want them just a tip I lost 6st 4lbs on Slimming world have a great journey xxx

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