Should smoking be banned in playgrounds and parks?

Should smoking be banned in playgrounds and parks?

A mother has started a petition regarding this…

Mother Annie Dressner was in a public park with her daughter when a woman started smoking near her daughter. This act inspired Annie to start the petition to ban smoking in playgrounds and parks.

Smoking is currently banned in enclosed public spaces however you are still free to smoke in public parks and playgrounds.

Annie used to live in New York, where smoking is already banned in parks, moved to Cambridge.

In the petition Annie says ””Yesterday a woman asked if it would bother me if she smoked in the playground while on the seesaw with her young daughter. When I said it would bother me, she told me that my one-year-old son would turn out to be ‘arrogant’, and smoked anyway.”

”Third-hand smoke is the smoke that is leftover as residue on surfaces. If, for example, someone is smoking on a seesaw, the dangerous chemicals from that smoke will then be touched and possibly ingested by the children who will next use that playground equipment. Dogs are banned from kids’ parks. Smoke should also be banned in and near them.”

The petition has now got nearly 2,000 signatures. Once 10,000 signatures are reached then the government will reply to the petition. At 100,000 signatures, the petition will be considered for debates in parliament.

What do you think of this? Should smoking be banned in public parks and playgrounds?

Should we be doing more to avoid our children breathing in second hand smoke?

You can sign the petition here…

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