Sneaky Trick To Get A Free iPhone Charger

Sneaky Trick To Get A Free iPhone Charger

It has worked for lots of people…

*Update – I was contacted this morning thanking me for this post as they had found it in Google and gave it a try. It worked for them and their free charger is on its way 😀

We got this message on our Facebook page and I thought it may come in handy for anyone with an iPhone

”Hey, this might be something you want to share

I have just got a free iPhone charger from apple just by ringing them.

Basically my iPhone charger broke at the neck of the 6 pin connector and started releasing smoke so I rang them and the first person I spoke to was a USA person and said we cant help as it past its 12 month warranty…. after explaining to him the EU long distance selling act and 6 year EU parts repair as stated in their terms i was transferred to a manager who took the details of the problem and sent me a free charger 

The good news is they don’t need photographic evidence but will ask for it if you have a camera but as my phone is my camera and was currently dead due to no charger they said that’s fine.

So if your charger breaks… don’t buy one get one free”

Has this worked for you?

If it doesn’t work, you can buy mobile phone chargers here…

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