Spotify special offer

Spotify special offer

Love music? Then you’ll love this offer…

I am a Spotify addict. I love music and I have Spotify on all day every day whilst I am working, feel free to follow my playlist (apologies for any guilty pleasures you may find in there) by searching ASHLEIGHSWAN

You can download Spotify for free on your computer, tablet, smartphone etc and you can download music but you will have to listen to adverts between songs and you can’t shuffle play, so I opt to pay for a subscription as it works out much cheaper than paying for each song you download from elsewhere.

Spotify Premium would usually set you back £9.99 but their special offer will cost you 99p for the first 3 month then £9.99 for the months there after – You can cancel Spotify premium at any time.

Head to Spotify and find out more about this great offer…

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