Stamp Prices Increased

Stamp Prices Increased

The of Royal Mails stamp prices have increase by 1p. This change has been active since the 29th March 2016. The price increase means that first class stamps have increased to 64 pence, while the second class stamps have increased to 55 pence. These price are based on the 100g letter. There is more information about larger letters and parcel prices on the Royal Mail website Here.

The Royal Mail stated that the change was needed to help keep the Royal Mail financially stable, so the can keep delivering mail across the whole of the UK for one price. They also said that the price increase doesn’t change the fact that the price is the most reasonable in Europe.

The increase was the minimal amount needed to lower the impact it will have on customers.

To see all of the new prices Click Here. Alternately, you can collect a free leaflet with all of the new prices at your local post office.

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