Starbucks Are Going To Start Charging 5p Per Paper Cup

…but there’s a catch!

High street staple Starbucks Coffee are implementing a 3 month trial of charging customers 5p per coffee cup.

This extra charge is being temporarily introduced as an incentive for people to bring their own reusable coffee cup.

Starting in February, this experiment means that anyone who doesn’t bring a reusable coffee cup into Starbucks will be charged 5p for the use of a paper cup. Of course, if you’re enjoying your drink in-store instead of opting for ‘take away’, you won’t be charged for the use of a normal mug.

The 5p trial is only taking place in London, so other stores around the UK shouldn’t be affected from February-April.

Starbucks hope that the charge will have a similar effect to the 5p carrier bag charge in supermarkets, which was implemented in 2015 and has contributed to a reduction of almost 90% in their use.

Fingers crossed this 5p charge will encourage people to bring their own reusable cups to coffee shops, it’s much kinder on the environment!

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