Stationery Sets For Under £15

Get set for the new school year with full sets of stationery without breaking the bank

Stationery? Already Set!

Our first set of stationery is one for the primary school kids. This set comes complete with a ring bound doodle book, a ball point pen, an eraser topper pencil, a ruler, a pencil sharpener, and a clear plastic case to hold them all in. Try saying that in one breath! The set comes in two adorable designs, with a grumpy little dinosaur design in the lime green, or a regal hot pink flamingo design. Shop for the dinosaur design here, and shop for the flamingo design here!

As if that is not enough, there’s also this fab set of colouring fine liners and writing pens. This might be one for the older children, as there are some permanent markers in amongst the set, and there are a few fine liners that can break pretty easily – and no one wants ink spilled all over the kitchen and a broken set of pens before the first day of term! With the dinosaur stationery set, and the set of 20 Bic writing pens, this comes to a grand total of £13.50! With great prices like this, the whole range of stationery is well worth a browse, so check it out here.

Make September Magical

Next up is one for the slightly older children- a Harry Potter themed stationery set. Whether your child is a Gryffindor or a Hufflepuff, these sets will really put a smile on their face. This kit has a Hogwarts slogan pencil case in the Hogwarts Express Red, two Hogwarts pencils, a pencil eraser, as well as pens, a ruler, a pencil sharpener and a clear plastic presentation case.

A collection of Harry Potter Stationery

If that isn’t enough for your little wizard, this Hedwig themed pencil case is just perfect for any die hard fan. The full range of Matalan accessories and stationery is so cheap (check out this fab little notebook for only £2), but can sell out quite quickly so shop it here now!

The Chase Is On

The ‘A Grader’ line from Paperchase is the best thing for stationery right now. This mini stationery set is perfect for any artsy students and includes a tape dispenser, tape measure, stapler, binder clips, paperclips, staples and scissors. The best thing about this is that they all come in a handy little pack away case, folding away neatly. This would be suitable for older children heading to comprehensive school, as the staples and scissors might be dangerous for little ones.

  For any kids with a aptitude for maths, this blast from the past will set them on the right path. This Helix Oxford 9 piece Maths Set is a total throwback to classic stationery style, and the design of the kit hasn’t changed much at all since I was at school (a long while ago). It contains everything you’d expect from these classic maths set as it includes a metal compass, pencil, sharpener, eraser, 15 cm ruler, 45 and 60 degree set squares, protractor, lettering stencil timetable and a mathematical fact sheet which will help with GCSE maths and beyond. Again, because of the metal compass, this set is probably only suitable for older children.

Oxford Helix Mathematical instruments

That brings these combined sets up to £11, and so in the spirit of getting the best deal and also keeping the deals under £15, both of these items are including in the 3 for 2 offer, meaning you can get lots of great bits of stationery included in the deal. Shop the full range here and if anything full price catches your eye you can use the exclusive code ‘AFAMS15’ for an extra 15% off!

Can’t Go Wrong With A Classic

Tesco Online have some of the best sales around for this time of year, and this selection of Staedtler Pastel Stationery is currently 75% off. This set includes pencils, pens, a highlighter, mathematical stationery and a stencil. There isn’t much more that you could possibly need to start of the year, but extra pens are always useful to have when they’re this cheap! 

pastel stationery set

Once you’ve gathered the pens, pencils, rulers and stencils why not grab something to store them in, with this hardwearing, reliable neoprene pencil case? At only £3 it is an absolute steal. Shop the full Tesco range here and find your best bargain now!

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