Students get £37 rebate from their TV licence!

Students get £37 rebate from their TV licence!

Are you a student who moves back home over the summer? If so then you may be able to get money back on your TV licence, and we all know most students could do with the extra cash!

Even if you only watch TV on your iPad, laptop or phone then you could still be hit with a big fine if you don’t pay your TV licence but you don’t want to be paying for it longer than you have to!

Many students leave their properties empty over the summer holidays which means they could be paying for something which they don’t need.


It says on the TV Licensing site reads; ‘If you move out of your term-time address for the summer months you can ask us to give you back the cost of the licence for that time, which could be around £37.’

This means you can apply up until the end of May.

CLICK HERE for more information and to claim your refund.


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