Summer Beauty Best Buys- Holiday Week

Holiday beauty is all about skincare, staying fresh and feeling hydrated in the heat, so here are 7 products to keep your body looking and feeling great in the humidity and salt water…


This fantastic Nivea Smooth Skin set from JD Williams is perfect for holidays as it includes everything you need to keep the skin all over your body feeling supple, smooth, and hydrated. It includes a hand cream as your hands can become dry very quickly, a lip balm because nobody wants sore chapped lips in their holiday snaps, a silk mousse cream, micellar cleansing wipes for removing makeup or a quick refresh, along with moisturising cream and a shower puff.


You can’t go on holiday without some good quality sun protection to protect your skin from the rays. This P20 lotion from JD Williams is non- greasy, non-oily and fragrance free giving you fantastic coverage both in and out of the water. It lasts up to 10 hours a day too and is marked as ‘very water resistant,’ so you won’t have to spend all day focusing on reapplying it. It has a thin consistency too so your skin will absorb it quickly for rapid protection.


Being in a hot country can make us feel like we don’t smell as fresh as usual, so a sweet smelling perfume is a must-have. This Michael Kors one from JD Williams which includes almond milk, bergamot, dianthus, and pink pepper will give you a gorgeously fresh scent for night time meals out.


There’s nothing worse on holiday than being afraid to get your feet out because they’re dry, broken, or not in their finest condition, especially when you’ll practically be living in your sandals. This peeling foot mask from Simply Be will help to rid your feet of dead skin to leave them soft, hydrated, refreshed and beautiful.


This Nivea Sun, Sea, The Sand and Me gift bag set from Simply Be is just fantastic for holidays. It includes shower gel to keep you feeling funky fresh, after sun moisturising lotion for after those long days in the sunshine, sun cream for protecting your skin through the day, sun lip protect, and cleansing wipes. You’ll even get a super fun blow up beach ball and beach bag to hold it all in too.


This Gillette Venus Snap Portable Razor from Boots is perfect for travel with its compact size which conveniently fits in your bag. It’s great for touch ups on the go or in the hotel room, keeping your legs, underarms, and bikini line silky smooth. Don’t worry about shaving cream, all you need with this clever razor is a splash of water!


The salt water and humid air can make your hair super tangled, so you’ll need a good brush to keep it sleek and smooth. Wet Brush’s are fantastic for detangling hair with their flexible bristles which glide through your hair so you don’t end up with any split ends. The great thing about this one from Boots is that it’s a compact size so it’s great for travel.

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