Summer-born children now have the right to start school later!

Summer-born children now have the right to start school later!

Schools Minister Nick Gibb has today announced the government’s intention to give summer-born children the right to start reception at the age of 5.

An official press release on the Government’s website says: ‘The government believes parents and teachers are best placed to decide what is right for their child, and summer-born children should have the same opportunity to excel at school as their peers – even if that means starting reception a year later.

The changes are designed to give parents and teachers flexibility, and the majority of summer-born children will still start school when they turn 4 rather than waiting.

If they do start school later, the children will be able to remain with the same age group as they progress, including into secondary school.

Children usually start school in the September after they turn 4 but parents of summer-born children can ask to delay entry to reception for a year.’

The Schools Minister is urging schools and local authorities to take immediate action on this.

CLICK HERE to read the full story over on the Government’s website!

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