Summer safari WaterPark Facebook scam?

Is the Summer safari WaterPark Facebook a scam?

Unfortunately I think it is 🙁

There are tons of Summer Safari WaterPark tours listed on Facebook around the country. They come with very little information as they are currently ‘waiting on permission from the council’ – They don’t ask for personal details – yet.

There are thousands and thousands of people interested in going to the events but unfortunately they look like another scam event which has been listed on Facebook, just like the previous scam events I brought to your attention such as the Total Wipeout event and the branded clothing warehouse sale.

I have been looking online for the apparent company behind this event and they don’t exist. I have imaged searched the photo of the water slides and it is actually a photo of a water park in America.

Some of the events listed on Facebook
Some of the events listed on Facebook

I then decided to question the event organisers themselves directly through their Facebook page. I asked for a little more information on the event and which councils they had sought permission from so far as people may be worried they are another scam event like the 2 above mentioned. They didn’t get back to me, instead they blocked me… (So I would be super grateful if everyone could share this article on the Facebook events to let others know it is a scam as I can’t post on there now)

Like I say, they don’t ask for details yet but they may in the future. If they do ask for personal details in the future in order to keep you updated with the event, here is what they can do with them…

  • Scammers can use your email address to send you spam e-mails
  • They can use your mobile phone number to sign you up to a premium text subscription, meaning they can text you as many times they like and you are charged £1.50 every time.

Or, once they have lots of interest in the events, they can then be sold onto more scammers who can change the name of the event and/or start posting links to various websites which could lead to scamming you.

My advice would be to remove your interest from these events and let everyone you know that this event sure looks fake.

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