Sun, Sea and Supersavers

Sun, Sea and Supersavers

Did you see the TV show on C4 on Tuesday 10th May?

My husband, Aaron, and I took part in the show and it was so much fun.

We went head-to-head with another money saver and the aim of the show was to have a fun summer* holiday on the lowest budget.

*Summer – I mean a Great British summer – the type that left me soaked through and with frizzy hair for 99% of the filming haha.

My husband and I booked a holiday to Great Yarmouth and we haggled on the hotel, took our own towels to try and get an extra sneaky discount (it’s worth asking though, right?) and we were armed with coupons to cut the cost of our break even further.

We were up against Jenny and her husband Neil. Jenny is a couponer and she is very good at what she does!

In the end, we lost against Jenny and Neil – just! Jenny had a lucky win at the dog racing which just tipped her into the lead.

I was disappointed but I was just grateful to have had a fun time away with my husband – something we don’t get to do much as we both work full time and have 3 kids so our holidays are usually quite hectic.

While the programme was on you guys crashed my website over and over again! Every time we got it back online there would be another surge in traffic to the website and it would go down again haha!

I am extremely grateful for all of the lovely messages I have received and I want to say a huge HELLO to all of my new 8,000 followers – I hope I am able to save you £££’s in the future.

Aaron has been recognised a lot at work today and he’s had a few interesting conversations I’ve heard!

I have many money saving tips, guides and tricks on my website to help you get started and you can also message me on the Facebook page or email at [email protected]

Thank you again for your continued support 🙂

Ashleigh x

Sun, Sea and Supersavers

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