Sunday Trading Laws

The plans to overhaul Sunday trading laws in England and Wales have been rejected by MPs

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The government had hoped to relax existing restrictions on Sunday trading, which limit large shops to opening for a maximum of six hours, by devolving responsibility to local councils.

Currently, large stores in England and Wales are restricted to six hours of trading on a Sunday, and usually open from either 10am to 4pm or 11am to 5pm.

Chancellor George Osborne first announced his plan for extended Sunday trading hours in his summer Budget following last year’s general election victory.

He argued that shops staying open for longer than the current six hour-limit could help “struggling” high streets compete with online retailers.

However, these plans have now been scrapped because MPs rejected the plans.

MPs voted 317 to 286 to scrap the proposal.

Labour had “strongly opposed” the bill as it said it believed the change would “lead to the gradual erosion and diminution of workers’ pay and rights across the UK”.

The government now say they have no plans to bring the proposal back.

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