Supermarket Asda To Scrap 5p Bags

You’ll have probably heard recently that more and more supermarkets and brands have been making moves to reduce plastic waste after Theresa May’s war on plastic began, and since awareness of water pollution was heightened after Blue Planet aired, and now Asda have become the latest to reveal that they will be getting rid of their 5p plastic bags altogether by the end of the year in a bid to reduce plastic waste.

You will probably be used to paying 5p for your bags when you shop now, unless you remember to take a reusable bag with you, but now supermarket Asda have decided to get rid of the one use 5p bags altogether, encouraging their customers to reuse more and waste less.

The popular supermarket has also revealed that it will introduce cheap reusable coffee cups while also getting rid of plastic cutlery and cups in it’s cafe’s too.

Asda is also aiming to decrease its amount of own brand packaging by 10 per cent!

Since the paid plastic bags introduction, it has been reported that nine billion less bags have been used so far.

The store follows other supermarkets including Tesco who also got rid of their 5p plastic bags last year.

The scrapping of the bags does mean that you will  have to make sure you take your reusable bags with you when you shop, or pay 9p for a bag for life in store, but it’s not all bad because it means that we get to live in a cleaner planet in return!

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