Supermarket loyalty schemes: maximising your savings
Supermarket Loyalty Schemes

Supermarket loyalty schemes: maximising your savings

The supermarkets are at war, and as the consumer you’re reaping the benefits. None of us like to see the big brands making a huge profit at our expense, but there are essential purchases that have to be made and can become a little more palatable with loyalty scheme benefits. Once, you had to be a card-holding member of a supermarket and could do nothing other than collect points to trade in for very specific things. Now, your options are growing:

Traditional points-based saving schemes – Such as Clubcard, Nectar Points, Match & More.

These work in much the same way across the board. Usually, you’re invited to spend £1 and earn 1 point, usually worth 1p, which is given back to you in gift vouchers or money-off coupons. Spend £300 in a month and you’ll earn £3 back. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but collect points on every single purchase through the month (including the occasional chocolate bar and packet of crisps) and the figures can really mount up.

Points-based reward schemes

Increasingly, supermarkets are inviting you to trade your collected points for other rewards – anything from a new DVD to a cruise holiday. Saving up to trade in often means that you can ‘purchase’ items for an equivalent number of points lower than their RRP, or can top up your points with cash. Also look out for offers that let you double the value of your points if you spend them on certain items in-store.

Price war savings

In an attempt to earn or keep your custom, supermarkets are now offering to compare the price of your shopping against the amount that it would have cost had you shopped with a competitor. You’re given the difference in the form of a money-off coupon, to use next time you shop. That way, the supermarkets can be sure that they’re still making a profit (even if it’s a little lower than their usual profit), whilst keeping you on their side. Savings are usually small – less than £5, and often less than £1 – but every penny is worth saving. Check out Asda’s Price Guarantee

Fuel discounts


Supermarkets will give you savings on your fuel, purchased from their on-site petrol stations, based on how much you spend in store. If you buy your weekly groceries from a store that offers this deal then you’re able to fill your fuel tank at a discounted price.

In the battle for market share, supermarkets are offering an ever-increasing selection of tempting deals. Don’t let them fool you into buying things that you otherwise wouldn’t, but enjoy the advantages when shopping for your necessities.

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