Supermarket Voucher Codes

I am a huge fan of online grocery shopping. Not only are you able to complete your weekly shop whilst watching The Walking Dead, but you will also save yourself money!

Most supermarkets now offer incentives to get their customers shopping online, whether it be with exclusive online offers or money off vouchers.

I’ve listed below as many supermarket voucher codes as I can find. These are all for new customers only so if you find any vouchers for existing customers, then please do let me know and I’ll get them added.


  • £12 off £60 spend – XXFNJE or XXMNT4
  • Save £1 when you spend £5 on toilet roll, tissues or kitchen roll – GRPTLK
  • Save 75p when you spend £3 on salads, coleslaw, potato salads & dips – GRLHM4
  • Click here to visit Tesco and shop now.





  • Free champagne plus £50 off your next 4 shops…
  1. 1st Shop: Free bottle of Brut NV champagne use code AQ2CD or AQ2CH
  2. 2nd Shop: £20 off £100 – RQ2N2 
  3. 3rd Shop: £10 off £100 – RQ2N3
  4. 4th Shop: £10 off £100 – RQ2N4
  5. 5th Shop: £10 off £100 – RQ2N5 

First order must be delivered by 27th May

All other orders must be delivered by 7th July

Minimum spend of £100 applies.

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