Supermarket vs Poundshops

In the world of money saving, there is always one big debate going on…

Supermarket vs Poundshops…

Where do you stand on this? Team supermarket or team poundshop?

Each of them have their pros and cons…

We all would love to save money, whether we need to or not, one thing we can all agree on is our hard earned cash is better off in our pockets than someone elses pocket. There are so many tricks supermarkets and poundshops do to make you think you are getting a fantastic deal, when in reality, you are not.

Some of the tricks I have seen lately…

  • Supermarkets tend to put items that are on offer on the end of aisles, but if you actually venture off into the aisle, you may find the same product in a larger size for only a few pence more, or even cheaper!
  • When I was out shopping a few weeks ago, I visited a well known supermarket and they had small bottles of soft drinks were (the type you would get with a meal deal) £1.10 full price. Then when I headed into the aisle, I was able to find a 2l bottle of the same soft drink for only 79p! 
  • A product I buy on a regular basis was half price for only 50p, because the full price is £1 it was a no brainer to stock up. However, a little while later it was on ‘offer’ again on BOGOF for £1.29! 
  • A lot, and I mean a LOT, of items in poundshops are smaller quantities than the same item in a supermarket. Sometimes the item is cheaper in the supermarket and a lot of the time you can get nearly double the size product for only a few pence more in a supermarket.

Poundshops don’t seem the best to buy food & drink items from but you can pick up some bargains from time to time. Because poundshops keep their prices down and sometimes only make a few pence profit, they sell in smaller quantities, making it look like a great deal.

However, you can often pick up some great buys in poundshops…

  • I have seen some great books in there. I had been thinking about buying a certain book for a while but it was £11.99 in most stores and I couldn’t justify that spend as I was saving up for our holiday. But I noticed it in my local poundland so I snapped it straight up! 
  • They often sell some great DVD’s. Ok, so they aren’t the latest releases but they have some fab DVD’s for kids. My husband often buys comedy DVD’s in there too.
  • Did you know poundshops sell make up? Poundland have released their own make up and apparently it is very good for the price, I am yet to try it though. 
  • Poundshops often sell branded make up too. I have seen a lot of Rimmel make up and OPI nail varnishes in my local poundshop. I checked the prices at Superdrug and Boots for the same products and they were still selling in their stores for around £5!

What do you prefer? Supermarkets or Poundshops?

Or do you think the new rivals are discount stores like Home Bargains and B&M? 

I would love to know your view so please get intouch and let me know 🙂

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