Supermarket Yellow Sticker Discounts

We all love supermarket yellow sticker discounts…

They are even better if you know the right time to go to the supermarket…


Tesco will now only reduce items by 70% – Anything that is not sold by 8pm will be taken off shelves and sent to a food charity for food bank or homeless.


Lets face it, grocery shopping is expensive. Any discount I can get on my grocery shopping is much appreciated. Find out how to make the most of yellow sticker items…

‘Yellow sticker items’ are a great way to bag yourself a bargain in the supermarket. They are simply items that are in damaged packaging or close to their use by or sell by date.

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You can often find joints of meat reduced to a fraction of their usual price, perfect if you have a large freezer and you decide to freeze and keep it for another day.

You can often find dinted tins reduced, or even products that have recently changed their packaging. 

It is definitely one of the best ways to bring down the price of your shopping. 

One of my friends goes to the supermarket every day to pick up yellow sticker items rather than doing a weekly shop. She says since she has started doing this, she has managed to more than half her shopping bill.

Next time you head to the supermarket, it is well worth heading the the reduced section and browsing the yellow stickers and you may grab yourself a bargain… However, a yellow sticker bargain is all in the timing.

I have been heading to the supermarket every day to try and find out the best time to pick up a yellow sticker item.

These results are based on Asda, Morrisons, Marks & Spencers and Tesco.

  • The first reductions of around 25% off the product are made in the morning before noon. However, I noticed Marks & Spencers were done the earliest. Morrisons were done the latest.
  • Around 4.30pm any remaining reduced items would be reduced again to around 50% off their full price. 
  • A 3rd round of reductions would take place around 7-8pm and would be roughly 75% off their full price. Again, Marks & Spencer are usually the first to start their reductions.
  • A final round of reductions would usually be made a little later on, usually in the last hour before the store closes and this is when you get the highest reductions. I often found yellow sticker items reduced to 5p during this round.
  • See the update at the top of this post for Tesco reduction information.

There are a few places in and around the supermarket to pick up these yellow sticker items…

  • Get chilled foods from the fridges, obviously.
  • There is sometimes reduced items in the freezer but this doesn’t happen very often.
  • You can often find a dedicated reduction stand in a supermarket for discounted ‘shelved’ items such as tins, bottles, cosmetics etc. 

Another time to get great discounts is after seasonal events, such as Christmas, Easter, Valentines day etc. The reductions are usually quite large too.


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