Swimming pool health scare for Brits abroad!

Swimming pool health scare for Brits abroad!

Brits who are travelling abroad this summer are being warned to be wary of the swimming pools as there is a risk they could cause serious bugs.

Safety experts have warned that travellers could be jumping into waters contaminated with urine and faeces without even realising.

Brian Guthrie, of Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group told The Daily Star: ‘It’s not so much defecation but any organic human matter. It could be sweat, pee or even hair oil. “

Mr Guthrie warned that if there is a very strong scent coming from the pool, or you can’t see the floor, it may not be safe to swim in. Contrary to popular belief, chlorine does not kill all germs instantly. There are germs today that are very tolerant to chlorine and were not known to cause human disease until recently. But swallowing just a little water can make you ill, and with more and more cases of this being recorded amongst holiday makers, Brits are being warned to be extra careful.


Travel expert Nick Harris said: ”Guests have complained that the swimming pools have been closed and that there has been a spate of these logging’ incidents. The numbers contacting us for advice is increasing which is quite worrying, just before the main holiday season starts. Some of them and their families have been very ill with diarrhoea and sickness and in some instances put on drips.”

So if you are going abroad this summer and feel that there could be something not quite right with the pool at your hotel or you are hearing about cases from other quests where people have experienced severe sickness, diarrhoea or red eyes, then make sure you are extra cautious and report any strong smells of chlorine straight to the hotel manager.

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