Syringe found in easter bunny chocolate

Syringe found in easter bunny chocolate

A man has claimed to have found a syringe in his Cadburys Easter bunny

This comes after a 4 year old boy found a pair of glasses in his Twirl easter egg.

Peter Oakley allegedly found the needle in his white chocolate Easter Dream Bunny and took to Facebook to caution others who have also got the chocolate bunny.

Syringe found in easter bunny chocolate

Peter uploaded pictures of the Easter Dream Bunny onto Facebook with the caption: “Keep your eyes out before giving choc rabbits to friends or kids. Hopefully the d**khead that did this did it only once as a joke. Will be reporting this tomorrow. I find this terrifying, it might be the only one or it could be inside many. Lucky it was just us adults around the table, it could have been a child.”

The Easter treat, which was apparently sold at a Woolworths has sparked an investigation by the store, who are taking the incident “very seriously”.

A spokesman for the company said: “We are aware of this incident and are immediately acting on it as we speak. The relevant department are aware of this and investigation is ongoing. Our customers’ safety and satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and we take this very seriously.”

Peter said that it looked as though someone had pealed back the foil of the chocolate, poked the syringe in and then folded the foil back.

Syringe found in easter bunny chocolate

However, some Facebook users weren’t convinced about his claim, with many warning Woolworths that they believe it’s fake.

What do you think?

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