Plastic £5 Notes Will Be Distributed Soon

Plastic £5 Notes Will Be Distributed Soon If you didn’t know, the £5 note is going to be replaced by a plastic version by the Bank of England. The plastic note will feature a picture of Sir Winston Churchill and a picture the Queen. Beneath Churchill there is a section of his first speech a Prime […]

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Money & Finance

Battle of the banks

Battle of the banks With the financial industry slowly getting back on its feet after a turbulent few years, the banks are desperate to get you back on board, even if that means poaching you from your existing current account provider with some tempting treats. With competition heating up, the rewards are getting more and […]

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Don’t hand over contactless bank card in store

Don’t hand over contactless bank card in store What do you think of contactless payment? Personally I love it because it is so much quicker and easier to use. I do believe it is safe too as you can only spend up to £30 at a time when using contactless and after using contactless 3 […]

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Home & Garden

Barclays brings back the 100% Mortgage

Barclays have brought back the 100% mortgage for the first time since the recession in a bid to help first time buyers With more than 35% of first time buyers asking their parents for help when it comes to buying their first home, Barclays has decided to bring back the 100% mortgage. Barclays has removed […]

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Money Saving

Do You Bank With Santander?

We value our insiders who work in certain companies and they let us know of any deals, offers etc happening in advance.  We have had a great one through this morning, big thank you! Hi Ashleigh, didn’t want to public post as I work for Santander and want to remain anonymous but we are bringing […]

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