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Chocolate Fans: Make Way For Colossal Clyde!

Move out the way Colin the Caterpillar, there’s a new bug in town! From family birthdays to office parties, we’ve all been fed a caterpillar cake at least once in our lifetime and the majority of us seem to really enjoy it. Just like the popular Colin Caterpillar at M&S, Asda’s version, ‘Colossal Clyde’ consists […]

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Asda Have Launched A Dairy And Gluten Free Caterpillar Cake

Don’t eat dairy or gluten and feel like you miss out on all the caterpillar cake fun? No worries, Asda have got your back. Frieda the Free From Caterpillar Cake is the perfect birthday treat for those who can’t consume dairy or gluten. Unfortunately, Frieda the Free From Caterpillar isn’t suitable for vegans, as it […]

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