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The Best Apps That Will Help You Save Energy And Money

In the UK alone, we waste around £2bn on energy a year, and to change this, we’ve put together the best apps to help you start saving If you’re struggling to save money on your energy bills every month, we’ve compiled some apps that will calculate data and insights from meters to see where you […]

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British Gas To Raise Electricity Prices By 12.5%

The electricity company are raising prices by 12.5%, amidst worries the rise could lead to price hikes from competitor suppliers ahead of winter. This price rise, which comes into effect on the 15th September, will effect a whopping 3.1million customers. The company have left their gas prices unchanged, The Guardian have predicted that this means “the […]

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British Gas lose 224,000 customers – should you leave too?

The competition amongst the energy firms heat up… British Gas lose 224,000 customers – should you leave too? British Gas, the country’s largest gas and electricity supplier said it lost 224,000 residential customers, or 1.5% of home supply accounts, in the first three months of the year. It said its overall residential accounts fell to […]

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