How to get charity donations

I am often asked a lot if I know how to get charity donations I have put together this guide which should hopefully come in helpful for anyone organising a charity event. I get around 20 requests a day for charity donations and I can’t donate to them all. Right now I donate to one […]

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Money Saving

Charity Starts At Home!

Charity starts at home! With the increase in the cost of living, people are changing their shopping habits, whereas we would previously boast about how much we spent on something the focus has now shifted to brag about how much we have saved. The rise in charity shops is one of the ways that we […]

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Exchange Your Old Jeans And Get A £10 Gift Voucher

Want to earn yourself a gift voucher while helping a charity? Well now you can, exchange your old jeans and get a £10 gift voucher… Simply grab an old pair of jeans Head to an Evans store and hand over your old jeans Walk away with a £10 Evans gift voucher Simple! Your old jeans […]

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