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You Can Now Buy A GIANT GU Cheesecake But How Much Does It Cost?

If you love nothing more than indulging on GU’s delicious desserts, you’re gonna love this new offering from the brand! The pudding brand are now selling MASSIVE GU Zillionaire Cheesecake’s, and they’re thought to be around the size of SIX of the brands classic dessert jars! The treat costs £4, which you may think is […]

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Aldi Is Selling Raspberry And Prosecco Cheesecake For Just £1.99

Now you never have to choose between cheesecake or prosecco ever again! Aldi is selling raspberry and prosecco cheesecake slices, and they’re less than £2.00. This boozy dessert sounds absolutely delicious! With a crumbly biscuit base, and prosecco and raspberry infused cream cheese, our mouths are watering just at the description. Topped with chocolate curls, […]

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