Child in boot of car strapped into pushchair

Child in boot of car strapped into pushchair Police traced the driver and ‘offered her words of advice” Avon and Somerset Police have spoken to the driver of a car which was photographed with a child strapped into a pushchair then placed in the boot of the car in Bath. A concerned motorist took a […]

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Product Recalls

Straightening Brush Recall

Straightening Brush Recall Do you own one of these straightening brushes? Some of you ask why I post recalls on my website rather than my Facebook page, there are a few reasons… If someone hears about a recall, you automatically head to google and search for information on that particular recall. If I only posted […]

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Bisto Gravy Granules Recall

50,000 tubs of Bisto gravy granules recall The gravy granules may be contaminated with tiny shards of dangerous metal.  All affected tubs of Bisto gravy granules came from a single batch affected by the fault at its factory in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. Spokesman Steve Marinker warned that the products had been distributed to supermarkets and other retailers […]

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‘Dangerous’ Argos Car Seat

Thank you Karen for bringing this to our attention. I know a lot of my followers have children so I thought this would be a good share.  The Babystart multi-recline child  car seat that was sold by Argos scored 0 by Which? meaning it is Dangerous.  Argos have removed the item from their latest catalogue […]

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