Asda Have Launched A Dairy And Gluten Free Caterpillar Cake

Don’t eat dairy or gluten and feel like you miss out on all the caterpillar cake fun? No worries, Asda have got your back. Frieda the Free From Caterpillar Cake is the perfect birthday treat for those who can’t consume dairy or gluten. Unfortunately, Frieda the Free From Caterpillar isn’t suitable for vegans, as it […]

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Eating out

Greggs to shake up their menu

Greggs to shake up their menu It seems customers are divided on the announcement. When you head to Greggs, you usually opt for a pastry and a drink. Greggs is fab for fast food on the go but lately they have added some great alternatives to their menu such as fruit pots, salads and yogurts. […]

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Food Allergy Sample Packs

Do you suffer from food allergies? Get your hands on some food allergy sample packs Specialist foods for anyone with a food allergy are not cheap. Especially when you’re first diagnosed and need to try different items to see what you like and what you don’t like. Did you know some brands will send out […]

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