Money Saving

How Much Can You Save By Brand Swapping?

Ever wondered, just how much can you save by brand swapping? And are own brand items any good? When I was made redundant due to the recession, I needed to save £400 a month to stop myself going under. Luckily I managed it and one thing that helped was completely changing how I shopped for […]

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Millions of groceries dumped at self checkouts

Millions of groceries dumped at self checkouts This does not surprise me at all if I’m honest… This is costing supermarket £486b a year in lost sales I HATE self checkouts. I think they were designed to be faster for us but that dreaded ‘Unexpected item in the bagging area’ always leaves me looking like a […]

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Box of 12 full size Galaxy Caramels for just £1!!

Approved Food are an online retailer of short dated food that you can get for a fraction of the RRP. The majority of the stock at approved food are close to or just past the sell by date and they guarantee that you will make massive savings compared to if you shopped at your local supermarket. Approved Food are […]

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£65 Off Your Shopping @ Waitrose

If you are lucky enough to be in an area where Waitrose deliver this is definitely worth doing. This is for new customers only so if you already have an account get your hubby / wife / children to register instead so that you can take advantage of the coupons. If you use all of […]

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