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Wetherspoon’s Are Now Selling Halloumi Fries & They’re A Bargain!

If you’re a massive fan of the trendy cheese halloumi and love good pub grub too, you’ll be excited to hear that Wetherspoon’s have added halloumi fries to their menu! The popular cheese has become super trendy over the past couple of years, and now, our fave pub Wetherspoon’s have decided to join the hype […]

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OMG – You Can Now Buy Halloumi Fries From Aldi!

Everyone’s fave squeaky halloumi cheese is now available in fry-form at Aldi. This is the first time halloumi fries have ever been sold in a supermarket! Move over, potato – halloumi fries are here to stay. The bags of the frozen cheese fries hit stores on May 19th, and retail for a really reasonable £1.99 […]

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