One Small Detail About Nappies Parents Get Wrong

One Small Detail About Nappies Parents Get Wrong Most parents who go to a store to buy some nappies for their baby, they see the ‘+’ sign on the packaging and think it is referring to the size of the nappies. However, it doesn’t… The addition sign on the packaging actually means that the product […]

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Money Saving

Half Price Pampers Nappies

Ok, so this isn’t as good as Asda £1 nappy bargain last week However, half price Pampers nappies is still a good offer From 28th December 2015, Tesco will have their Pampers nappies going onto a half price offer, bringing the price down from £4 to only £2. The offer is on Pampers Simply dry […]

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Asda Nappy Bargain

You may have seen we posted a very popular Asda nappy bargain a couple of days ago Asda’s Little Angle nappies were reduced due to their Christmas design. As I write this, I am told there are still some stores with these nappies available and the offer is nationwide. They may not be marked down […]

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