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There’s New Limited Edition Skittles & Here’s The Only Supermarket Selling Them…

If you’re a massive fan of Skittles sweets you’ll probably be excited to hear that there’s a limited edition pack hitting the shelves, but they’re only available from supermarket Asda. The limited edition packs named Skittles Orchards feature two tasty new flavours which are cherry and pomegranate, in addition to the usual packs lemon, apple, […]

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Believe It Or Not, All Skittles Actually Taste The Same

Yeah, we can’t believe this Skittles news either. Ask any Skittles lover and they’ll tell you, of course the red tastes different to the yellow. The green certainly tastes nothing like the purple! But nope, apparently they all have exactly the same taste – and there’s science to back it up. According to a report […]

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