Laundry Capsules Being Mistaken By Children As Sweets

Laundry Capsules Being Mistaken By Children As Sweets Every day at least one child will mistake a capsule, intended for cleaning clothes, as sweets. The National Poisons Information Service carried out a survey which discovered that there have been over 2,000 cases of children eating laundry capsules in the past 5 years. The chemical filled […]

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Tubs of Sweets

We all love the big tubs of sweets you get for Christmas The Co-Op have them on offer… Get Swizzlers, Quality Street, Celebrations or Haribo for only £4 a tub right now. The price of these tubs will only get higher towards Christmas so it is well worth stocking up now… If we have the […]

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Debenhams Chocolate Bargains

Check out these Debenhams chocolate bargains! With up to 70% off at Debenhams you can get yourself a yummy bargain! There are Easter eggs, character chocolate easter sets, Ferrero Rochers and more! Click here to go straight to the bargains before they all sell out!

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