Walkers Threaten To Discontinue 3 Classic Crisp Flavours

Calling all crisp lovers! Walkers have revealed that they’re going to discontinue one of their three most iconic flavours – and you can vote to save your favourite. Salt and Vinegar, Prawn Cocktail and Smoky Bacon are the flavours at risk. Whichever flavour gets the least amount of votes will be scrapped and replaced with a new […]

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Would You Do This For A Free Lunch?

Would you do this for a free lunch? That’s what I’d love to find out today… A have received a few messages from people telling me it is possible to do this but I’m a little on the fence as it may stop a genuine customer claiming their prize… Walker crisps are currently giving you […]

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Free Walkers Sunbites

Free Walkers Sunbites for 5 friends! These look super tasty and the fact they are a little healthier than normal crisps then surely we are allowed to get excited about this? Simply fill in the form on the link below to send free Walkers Sunbites to 5 friends! Surely your other half could be classed […]

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