Lidl Is Selling A MAGNUM Of Red Wine For Just £7.99!

Love red wine? Well, Lidl has got you covered… This huge magnum of red wine is the equivalent of two 750ml bottles, and it’s under a tenner. Magnums of wine are usually super expensive, so this is an absolute steal at just £7.99. Lidl have described the wine as: “celebrating the best of Italian booze […]

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Home & Garden

Get Bank Holiday Ready With Tesco BBQ Meat and Wine Deals

Is Tesco not usually your supermarket of choice? I always find their prices to be really competitive in comparison to the other big name supermarkets and everything I’ve bought from Tesco has always been of the highest quality. Even when I’m not able to get to a Tesco supermarket, I’ve used their home delivery service […]

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Money Saving

Asda red wine best in the world

Asda red wine best in the world Asda red wine beat 16,000 rivals in a blind taste test Who would have thought an Asda red wine would come first in a blind taste test?! But the best bit? It costs less than a fiver! The £4.37 bottle of red wine which you can find in […]

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