How Tall Will Your Child Be?

Ever wondered how tall your child will be when they grow up?

If you’re like me one thing people always say about your kids (and their own) is ‘aren’t they tall – they’ll be huge when they’re older’. I was always told that you should double their height at age 2, but apparently not! According to the New York Times there is a simple sum that can answer that very question and it’s been around since the 1970s.

The sum is based on research done in the 1970s and it basically states that “most children will reach a height somewhere within a fairly small range that can be estimated by the average combined height of their parents.”

Here’s how you can work out how tall your children will be:

Boys – combine the height of both parents, add five inches (or thirteen centimetres) and divide by two.

Girls – combine the height of both parents, subtract five inches (or thirteen centimetres) and divide by two.

There is a disclaimer alongside the formula though, which says that obviously not all children of the same sex, born to the same parents, end of the same height.

Other factors including nutrition also contribute to the growth of your children.

Personally I’m not sure how accurate it is – when i do this with my height and that of my parents it’s about 6 inches too short – how about you?

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