Tango Have Made A Big Change To Their Ice Blast Recipe…

The highly popular cinema slush drink is going sugar free- and we’re not sure how to feel.

We all love a good Tango Ice Blast as a treat when we go to see a new film, and you could say the taste is somewhat iconic, but now brand Slush Puppie have revealed that they are changing their recipe and cutting out sugar completely!

The move was sparked by the governments new Sugar Tax which is pushing brands to cut down on their sugar content or else face the charge.

The Tango Ice Blasts will now contain an ingredient called Sucralose which is known to be 650 times sweeter than sugar, so hopefully the taste won’t be compromised!

We’re not sure exactly when the change will be made to the drink, but hopefully the famous slush will taste as great as ever.

At least when we do have one, we’ll feel a little bit healthier now though, right?

Image: Slush Puppie
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