Teen Arrested After Late Night Theme Park Joyride

Teen Arrested After Late Night Theme Park Joyride

On Friday, two teenagers climbed fences and broke into Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

The two were spotted by CCTV cameras riding the Blue Flyer roller coaster. They were seen riding the coaster for half an hour and then breaking into the T-cafe and throwing food. Security guards seen them and the two fled after being approached.

A 15 year old boy from Blackpool was arrested at the pleasure beach. The boy was given a community resolution order; this is not classed as a conviction. Currently, there have been no other arrests.

A spokesman for the park said the pair had to climb barriers and locked gates, then had to activate the ride in the Nickelodeon section of the park.

He went on to say: “They managed to operate the ride some time before they were discovered by security patrols at 4.50am.”

“From CCTV footage we understand the intruders were at the ride for up to 30 minutes.” 

“During this time the two youths can be seen on the ride.”

Blackpool Pleasure Beach operates 24 hour security and patrols across the 42-acre site 365 days a year.” 

“Security will continue to operate with vigilance across the site, assisted by CCTV surveillance monitoring activity on the grounds.”

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