Template Letter For Appealing Unfair Parking Tickets

Template Letter For Appealing Unfair Parking Tickets

There’s nothing worse than finding a parking ticket stuck to your windscreen once you’ve returned to your car. Especially if you feel that the offence wasn’t actually committed! But you can appeal it.

Follow my template letter to challenge the issued ticket and appeal the unfair fine.

Before you send your letter off, you will need to make sure you have all of the supporting documents to go alongside it. 


You will need to attach:

– The parking charge notice, (parking ticket)

– A police crime reference number if the car was stolen

– If the car had been sold before the parking ticket was issued, then provide the name and address of the person you sold them to and a copy of the DVLA registration form or receipt from the sale.

– Bank or credit card details to prove you have already paid the parking charge.

– A doctor’s note if you or a passenger in the car was ill.

– Statements from witnesses about things like ticket machines not working.

– Photographs of inadequate signs, markings where you parked or an out of order ticket machine.

– Video or written evidence of other circumstances.

Once you have the sufficient evidence, use this as a guide for what to include in your letter of appeal.


[Your address]

[Issuing authority address]

[Reference PCN number/ Date of issue]

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I am writing this letter to inform you that I wish to appeal the above Penalty Charge Notice.

On [date] I received a parking ticket for my vehicle [registration number] with the offence [reason and code stated on Parking Notice].

In accordance with the Road Traffic Act 1991, my challenge is on the basis that the offence stated did not occur and these are my reasons why : [state your reasons for appealing here.]

Please find enclosed my evidence to support this appeal [and the reason why the evidence supports your case].

For this reason, I look forward to receiving notification that the Penalty Charge Notice has been cancelled within 28 days.

Yours sincerely,


[Your signature]


If your reasons aren’t accepted, you can can still make a formal appeal! And if that doesn’t work you can take court action, although it could be an expensive process so I would only recommend going through with this stage if you are absolutely certain that you stand a good chance at winning your case.






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