5 business ideas you can start from home

5 business ideas you can start from home

Have you always dreamed of starting your own business but have other commitments  that require too much of your time? Well why not start off by considering some of these part time business ideas. They won’t take up every minute of your time but are a great way of bringing in an extra flow of cash whilst being your own boss!


Tutoring could be a great idea for those of you who have a passion for something such as playing a musical instrument, speaking a foreign language or even something as obvious as maths or science. People are crying out to be taught all of these skills and will pay good money for your tutoring skills! You can offer lessons from your own home or even over the internet using a video conferencing service.

E – lancing

The internet is crying out for people with valuable skills such as web development, editorial or graphic design skills to work on a freelance basis. This is a great way of earning cash doing something you love, whilst not actually having to go into an office during the day as you’ll submit everything via the internet. There are lots of sites advertising for freelance roles, try www.freelancer.com.


Online Trading

One of the most popular part time business models for home workers nowadays is online trading, especially with the rise of marketplaces like eBay because it’s so easy to do! You don’t have to be an I.T genius to do it, you just set up an online account and your good to go. If you have a talent for arts and crafts then you could sell your designs, if not then you could do the old fashioned thing of selling your old clothes. Either way there is potential to earn a fair bit of money.


Do you have a spare room in your home going to waste? Well why not make good use of it and turn it into a business? There is a real demand for cheaper alternatives to hotels, so if you live in a desirable area and have a particularly stylish room to offer then it could be a good source of income which you can market online on www.airbnb.com.

IT Support 

If you have a background in IT and you aren’t phased by dealing with user software issues or the inner workings of a PC or Mac, then you could offer your services as a troubleshooter. Many people have a phobia of technology and you could be the reassuring voice when things go wrong.

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