Ten Top Tips For Securing Cheap Car Insurance

Top Tips For Securing Cheap Car Insurance

Following two great years of tumbling prices, the cost of car insurance is unfortunately back on the increase, making it much more difficult to find cover at the perfect price!

If you are currently trying to find a great deal on your car insurance, then here are ten top tips to help you out with your search, and a little heads up of what to watch out for!

 Pay For Car Cover In One Go!

Paying for car insurance in monthly installments may feel easier on your bank balance, but you’ll likely pay more over the course of the year. This is because many insurance providers will give you a hefty little discount if you commit to paying the entire years premium in one advanced payment.

Don’t Pimp Your Ride!

The more changes you make to your car, the more you get charged! So for those of you who are thinking about decking your wheels out with fancy alloys, blacked out windows and spoilers, maybe think again.

Protect your ride!

If you can protect your vehicle by fitting an alarm or immobiliser then big savings can be made, especially ones approved by Thatcham. The bill will decrease substantially.

Where to Find Cheap Auto Insurance

Start Building Up That NCB!

A no claims bonus (NCB) is the best way to reduce your car insurance costs. If you’ve had your car insurance for at least a year, then NCB will provide you with a discount off next years insurance, providing you have proven yourself to be a safe claims-free driver. The best bit is, the most consecutive years you go without a claim, the bigger the discount could be.

Pass Plus!

If you’ve recently passed your driving test, the last thing you want to do is take another driving test. But by qualifying on the advanced drivingPass Plus course, you could reduce car insurance premiums by up to a third.

Beware When Buying Add – Ons!

Beware When Buying Add – Ons!

When buying your cover, the insurer will always try and sell you a few sneaky add ons. Don’t fall for it! If you are not 100% sure of what they do or what their terms are, say no! If you are interested, then always check out what the prices are individually first so you’re not at any risk of getting mugged off.

Set The Right Excess Without Breaking Your Bank!

Settling on a policy with a higher excess could result in cheaper premiums, however guys, make sure you can afford the premium in the event you need to claim!



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